Choco Chip Cookies

Rs. 280.00

Enticing and mesmerising, Choco Chip Cookies are literally the sweethearts. Spoil in devilish fiesta as you bite in these guilty cookies. Taste and delight flows bite after bite with no stopping. So, get lost in the mysteriously luxurious cookie with a wonderful hint of taste and treat.

Jeera Butter Cookies

Rs. 380.00

Jeera (Zeera) are an mix of savory and sweet and a welcome break from overload sweet cookies. These cookies will satisfy your sweet and salty craving all in one go. They are buettery, soft and so addictive.

Nuty Fruity Cookies

Rs. 270.00

Time to get candid with nutty and fruity, as you crunch through these cookies!

Our range of Nutty Fruity Cookies made of whole grain is one of the best shortbread cookies. We proffer an ultra-healthy combination of different fruits and nuts for those who are super conscious of their health.

Oatmeal Honey Raisin Cookies

Rs. 380.00

Make rich buttery, brown sugar and bunch of resins, these oat cookies are cryspy sweet and so delicious!  And a favourite with raisin haters! A perfect snack when you feel like something sweet, but want something that will actually fuel your body & fill you up.

Kesar Pista Cookies

Rs. 270.00

Combining gee of saffron and goodness of milk, we bring you an exclusive packet of Kesar Pista Cookies. The flavourful crunchy toppings will infuse the goodness of pista nuts.

Butter Chocochip Cookies

Rs. 380.00

Soft crispy butter chocolate chip cookies!  These are ridiculously amazing cookies,Top them off with extra semisweet chocolate chips for an unbelievably irresistible cookie. This is a cookie you absolutely must taste to believe!