Bombay Mixture

Rs. 260.00

Bombay mixture is yet another snack time hits which is a unique combination of many ingredients like Moth dhal, Green Moong Dhal, Almonds, Peanut and much more. Have your share and get embraced to its taste.


Rs. 250.00

Spicy fried boondhi balls; Kara Boondhi is a perfectly seasoned snack, popular in the Southern part of India! Coupled with adrak chai, this evening snack is sure to enlighten your mood!

Kumbakonam Avul Mixture

Rs. 260.00

Avul mixture is a easy and a soft snack which is tossed up with all your favorite spices and it is the most famous spice which is shared at all the occasions by everyone.

Navadhaniya Mixture

Rs. 410.00

Protein rich mixer made with all nine varieties of grains famously called as navathaniyam in tamil. With added spice this mixer comes with a very unique and delicious taste while compare to the regular mixers.

Sweet Manakolam

Rs. 400.00

Is your child getting cranky for a sweet dish? Do you want to stir up a swift saccharine but lack time and energy?

Avail a dish/bowl of sweet manakolam!

This homemade, safe sweet is made from coconut, jaggery, and ghee of the finest quality.

Order online and suffice both your and your kid’s sweet tooth!

You will surely be coming back for more!

Andhra Boondi Mixture

Rs. 250.00

Boondhi mixture is basically a mix of various edible ingredients and nuts. One of the popular and best traditional snacks of the Andhra region, this fresh and crunchy mixture is spicy and flavor some of the various ingredients that go into its making. It matches perfectly with lunch or as an evening namkeen with tea or coffee. This mixture recipe is also widely made during festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra, Rakshabandhan, Holi, and Ugadi, along with sweets. It is also a very popular snack item on the menu at parties, be it at home or at the office. With high-quality spices and fresh oil, this Andhra mixture is handmade and packed under hygienic conditions. Enjoy the irresistible and mouth-watering taste of this crispy Atukula mixture.